Monday, April 6, 2020

Using a RANT Journal to purge intense emotion

Sometimes your mind gets so much steam or momentum behind it that you can’t stop it. It becomes like a runaway train barreling down the tracks at top speed, full steam ahead with no brakes. Sometimes it packs so much energy, it renders you scattered, unable to focus, distracted and anxious. This can ruin your day and keep you up all night so you wake up and go to bed feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Since your thoughts keep your feelings stirred up, this cycle makes for a difficult time. Anger, sadness or shame, for example, can consume you, distract you and drain you. Unanswerable questions about the past or future can frustrate you. Wishing things were different leaves you feeling unhappy and disconnected.

This happens because thoughts and feelings are energy. And when you allow your mind to feed its thought energy into your feelings, they intensify and grow into emotions. Emotional energy is more dense and impacts your nervous system which directly influences how the rest of your organs function—your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, glands, digestion, etc.. 

Remember this: your energy flows where your attention goes. What your mind focuses on is what you feed all your prana or life force energy to. Whatever it is, grows in strength and power in your life.

The energy of your thoughts and feelings carry a specific frequency that can be low or high. When your mind cycles low frequency thoughts, your being cycles low frequency feelings, emotions and desires that lead to low frequency actions. These actions are not aligned with your highest good or your soul's evolution.

As you learn ways to gain mastery over your mind and reclaim your personal power, your mind becomes your employee rather than your boss—a tool you can use to elevate yourself out of the low frequency existence you are stuck in. This means you stop leaking your energy to useless mental-emotional cycles and start evolving to a high frequency life instead. 

From a high frequency, life takes on an entirely different color. You feel more empowered, centered, confident and happy inside. You deal with stressors with a calm certainty rather than with worry or anxiety. You take actions that are aligned with a higher power rather than based in ego drives and fears. And you use your experiences to evolve rather than to crumble or close your heart. The difference is amazing!

Toward this goal, I offer a simple technique to help you move the energy of low frequency thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires out of your body to stop diminishing your vibrancy. From a place of renewed spaciousness you have the power to transform your life for the better.

This technique is using a specific journal called a RANT journal. The technique is super simple but very powerful! Here is how it works:

1. Buy yourself a special journal with pages big enough to scribble on. The pages can be lined or not; it doesn’t matter.

2. You will keep this journal in a private place. It is for your eyes only. But just in case anyone should find it, write a disclaimer on the first page that says something like this: This journal is my RANT journal. It is part of my process to evolve beyond what it contains. And it is intended for my eyes only. I know none of what it contains is true. So do not take anything written in here personally should you happen to read it.

3. Any time your mind cycles in low frequency thoughts, you are to write them into the pages of this journal. Do not edit or screen what you write in any way. Write it as horribly as you think it. Even if you know a thought is not true or you do not agree with it, write it just as you thought it anyway. In this way you are capturing the contents of your runaway thought trains.

4. Do not write in a neat, pretty, legible way; just RANT messily!

5. Do not write anything else in this journal. It is not used for any purpose other  than RANTing. 

6. You can scribble, scratch, draw in this journal but only if it is part of your RANT.

When your RANT journal is full (and this can take days, weeks or even years), your task is to safely and ceremonially burn it. Alternately, you can tear out pages and burn them as you go, but I find being able to review your rants is therapeutic and helps you learn  from the past, grow and evolve spiritually. Fire transmutes the energy. 

Burning your RANT journal alchemically transforms and purifies all it contains, which is essential because you don't want to feed all that heavy energy into the collective consciousness or field of existence we all share. This is part of how we take responsibility for our part of creation, because we do create with our thoughts. They are the seeds of what we ultimately experience in this reality.

Here's how to conduct your burning ceremony:

1. Find a safe place to make a fire outdoors. I have a backyard fire pit but any clear space will do, away from brush and trees. Clear a spot on the ground that is free of grasses. You can use a grill, cast-iron cauldron or pot, or similar object to contain it if you don’t have any fire bricks or stones to form a circle. Or you can dig a hole that’s deep and wide enough to hold your journal.  

2. Hold the journal in your hands and consciously thank it for holding all that pain from your past. Thank the pain and all the contents of the journal for the lessons it brought you, and for helping you heal and evolve. 

3. With gratitude and with clear intent to release all it contains from your life to be transmuted to pure energy by the fire, place the journal into the space where you will burn it. 
4. Depending on the type of notebook or journal, you may need to remove pages and crumple them slightly to fully burn. Or open the journal and crumple some of the pages before lighting it. Light the journal and watch it burn as you keep your intent in your awareness (to release and transmute all it contains with gratitude for helping you heal and evolve). Surrender all it contains to the Supreme Source of Love. Watch the heaviness of it burn to ash, as the smoke carries your gratitude to that Supreme Source. Feel free to stir it or poke it to help it completely burn.

5. Once it is completely burned to ash, you can put dirt over the ashes or simply leave them to disintegrate where they are. Offer your thanks to the fire for its help before walking away.

The final step in this process is to dream into what you want to carry forward. Now that you've cleared out all that heaviness, what do you want to grow in its place? Choose a word or phrase that captures your dream. It might be "love" or "integrity" or "courage." It might be "to honor my truth" or "love myself" or "accept my whole self as I am." Choose a word or phrase that feels good and right for you in this moment. 

There's not a wrong way to do this, so listen to your inner voice — your intuition — and trust it. Write your word or phrase into a new journal as a way to mark your new beginning. Commit to yourself to keep the past in the past and move forward with this new intent. Keep your focus on this new intent every day for at least 40 days as a way of resetting the old default neural pathways and slowly shifting your life experience. This kind of  specific, dedicated action is how you truly change your reality to your highest vision.

Have questions? Email me at Be kind to yourself and one another.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

What everyone needs to know, right now

I'm reaching out to connect today with some inspiring news. 

Like you, my life has been hijacked by this "pandemic." Many people are feeling alone, isolated, bored and uncomfortable. We are not used to spending so much time out of our usual routines.

We also underwent a powerful shift of a different sort, a natural turning of the wheel from winter to spring. On March 19th we had the spring equinox, one of two times a year when night and day are of equal length. This equinox signals the returning of the Sun out of winter's darkness. From the spring equinox forward, the days steadily outpace the nights, growing longer and longer until we reach the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

What does this have to do with you? Everything! This shift in life's natural energies signals our own bodies to shift as well. As the Sun's energy builds, so does our own. As cool rains wash the earth, so do we wash our beings of past heaviness. As spring leaps into fresh bloom, so can we.

We are not separate from the natural rhythms of life. We simply choose to attend to them or not. If you've ignored these natural shifts, it doesn't mean they haven't impacted you. It simply means you had no control over how. No one is immune...

One thing about this pandemic and the precautions we must take is it is forcing us out of our comfort zone, our habits, our stress comas - out of all our default patterns. Whenever we step out of our default patterns, we enter an opportunity for true change to take place on a lasting scale. This happens because we suddenly begin to "see" or notice things in ways we hadn't before. It's as if a fog lifts.

This provides us a powerful opportunity to heal on a Soul level and spiritually awaken ourselves. The process of spiritual awakening is like a flower moving from pollen to seed to sprout to bulb to bloom. We do it step by step as we're ready.

If we are paying attention in this very moment, we have a clear opportunity to enter this process; to heal and to awaken some part of us, to spiritually evolve into a more whole, loving, joy-filled being. Between this unprecedented time we have to be home right now, and the movement of energy from darkness to lightness through the Spring Equinox, the container of our life is primed and ready to enter such a journey.

Here are 4 ways to play with this special opportunity:

1. Do things that INSPIRE you. Anything that inspires you also raises your energy. Anything that raises your energy supports you in making desired changes in your life because you can't make them unless you have the energy to do so.

2. Make a list of what you are wholly ready to release from your life - burdens, heavy feelings, unkind people, etc...anything that keeps you from shining your brightest. When your list feels complete, find a safe place to burn your list. Light a small fire, fold the paper and hold it in your hands, feeling your readiness to let it all go. When you are ready, place it into the fire and watch it burn, banishing all it contains from your life.

3. Complete the sentence in your private journal every day: "I am ready to open to (blank)." Or "I am ready to experience the joy of (blank)." You can repeat the same thing every day, or pick new things; up to you.

4. Think of ONE thing that has felt as a burden to you for some time now. Feel into the impact this burden has had on your life. Write the word down on a piece of paper in lowercase letters. Then imagine what life would feel like without it. Come up with ONE word to describe your life without this burden. When you are ready, draw a thick line through the first word you wrote down that feels as a burden. Then draw an arrow on your paper from it to your NEW word that you write down in capital letters, like this:
fear ------> TRUST
Place this paper where you see it every day and use it to cue your mind to shift it's thinking. In time, this can actually shift the default neural-pathways in your brain to new, supportive ones. When you shift your thoughts, you shift your energy.

The Spring Equinox along with this pandemic are providing a special opportunity for change. Will you ignore it and keep struggling with  old burdens, or will you honor yourself by taking some simple yet powerful steps on your behalf? I invite you to become a "proactivist" on your behalf!

Remember: if you change nothing, nothing changes.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The secret to having a great Valentine's Day without a lover

We've made it passed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's and have entered the "holiday home stretch" to Valentine's Day, which is quickly approaching. Are you ready...or are you fretting? Let's talk about how to make it a GREAT one, even without a lover.

For the single woman, Valentine's Day can stir up all kinds of angst. Society bombards us with messages of what "love" looks like and how partners "should or would" show their love if we had one. Let me just say this about that: bullshit.

Those commercials where a piece of diamond jewelry is given in some romantic setting to say "I love you" might be nice and it certainly doesn't hurt if you're into that kind of thing. But let me tell you—getting something special on Valentine's Day doesn't make or break the quality of a person or a partnership.

So let me share a little secret about valentine's day: there are a lot of jerks out there who give their partners jewelry or whatever on Valentine's Day, and there are a lot of relationships that won't be saved by it. So get that marketing fantasy OUT of your head.

Let's get REAL instead. Valentine's Day is a day like any other for letting the people you truly care about know you love them. I hope you do that in some way every day, and not with presents but with your presence.

Got anyone special in your life? A dear friend? A parent? A relative? A colleague or coworker? Great! How can you let them know you appreciate them today? Don't wait for V-Day; there's no need. Show them now and show them frequently. V-Day becomes obsolete when you do, just another day of sharing your love.

If you feel alone, remind yourself you're not by joining a group activity or just getting out in the world to have some fun. Take a walk in nature. Sit by a river. Let the Sun warm your face and feel true gratitude just for being alive. You'll see plenty of other people out there, doing what they love just because they love it.

Or treat yourself to something special. Book a "spa day" for yourself, get a mani and/or a pedi, have some champagne, buy yourself flowers, chocolate, a sexy nightie, or anything else that makes you feel special and loved just because you are and you can.

Take yourself out on a date to do things you really love. Maybe that's seeing a movie, going to a museum, getting a ticket for a show, or just having a special meal at a favorite restaurant. Maybe it's taking a trip to see something new or one of your favorite places. Maybe it's drawing a bubble bath with wine, candles and your favorite book or music. It doesn't have to be something big, just special.

Or make a point to share the love you carry inside. Smile at the tired store clerk or postal person and let them know how grateful you are for their service. Adopt a pet or do something really special for the one you have. Help out at a food pantry. Volunteer with your church. Help a neighbor. Visit a friend. There are so many places to connect with people in loving ways. We are never alone.

So as Valentine's Day approaches, instead of moping around wishing you were the woman in the sappy commercial specifically designed to SELL something to someone, focus on turning every day into a great day to share your love with the people in your life and in the world around you.

Remember if you change nothing, nothing changes.

Friday, January 10, 2020

5 ways to change your life by "NOT DOING"

We just started a BRAND NEW YEAR and I was wondering how yours is going so far...because mine started off with a bang! I'm feeling more settled and more positive than I have for a while. But that didn't just "happen." There's a trick to shifting things from negative to positive in life...and I'm going to tell you what it is.

If you're like me, you like to use the new year for a fresh start. But how do we make a fresh start when nothing has changed? How do we create something wonderful out of the same old "shit" we're trying to leave behind? And how do we let go of what we have NOW to reach for what we can't yet see?

Well, I can tell you it's really not that hard; we just have to know HOW. So let me tell you my little secret: Changing your life starts with NOT doing. Once you master the "not doing," you have the space to bring in the "doing" that you want.

Most people are so focused on what TO do that they overlook what NOT to do. But this is important! If we keep doing the same things we've always done, we'll keep getting the same things we've always gotten.

Here are 5 things NOT to do in this new year:

1. Don't choose short-term solutions any more. Make LONG TERM choices. Example: if you want to lose 10 pounds, don't rely on "quickie diets" that result in short-term weight loss. Take steps to change your life style for long-term weight management instead, like learn to prepare ahead of time "grab and go" meals that are healthy — egg bites, sliced fruit or fruit salads, smoothies, cubed ham or chicken, quinoa, boiled eggs, nuts, lettuce wraps with fun fillings, etc.

2. Don't accept hurtful behavior towards you. Set CLEAR boundaries. Example: if you allow your mate, family or friends to put you down, stop. Tell them you will no longer accept their putdowns and walk away from the "relationship" if you must.

3. Don't make excuses to stay small. Stand in your truth. Example: if someone close to you judges or diminishes you for taking positive steps, let them know YOU believe in yourself and won't let their doubts stop you!

4. Don't let your fear stop you. Find a way back to your confidence and personal power. Example: if you are afraid to make a change because you don't know where it will lead, talk to trusted friends or professionals who can help you come up with a doable game plan you can feel good about.

5. Don't run the same bad habits you ran last year. Shift your energy to feed what SERVES you. Example: if you had a habit of staying online too many hours in a day, cut your internet time in half and fill the "extra" time with things that  TRULY nourish you in the LONG RUN, like preparing those healthy "grab and go" meals you want, taking up yoga, meditating, exercising, walking in nature, hanging out with dear friends, making art, reading a spiritual book, learning a new skill, etc. Then cut your internet time in half again so you give MORE time to what truly nourishes you. 

Devote yourself to these five "not doings" and you'll be amazed at how different your life becomes. Then next new year's eve, you'll look back and have so MUCH to feel good about and be proud of!

Remember if you change nothing, nothing changes.

Today in particular (January 10th) is a GREAT day to release what doesn't serve you and begin something new that does because it's a full moon AND a lunar eclipse—the perfect frequency of energy for bringing things to completion, releasing what doesn't serve you, and getting closure for old loose ends to clear space for what you want.